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New and pretty simple

They're aren't a ton of caption ideas but there's still a decent amount given that this is probably a pretty new app. I think it would be good to have the option of adding your own quotes/caption ideas to an area so you could have all of them together

Love it!

So helpful and easy to use! Yay yay yay! Stoked to post some instagrams


The captions are about as boring and plain as they get. Not to mention most are raunchy. Such a waste of a $1. I would’ve given zero stars if possible.

A total rip-off

I typed in hands-on learning, learning, making stuff, make, African, masks... got zero results. Typed in “Education,” good about 20 famous quotes you can find in an instant on Google.

Next to nothing

If I wanted to find 10 basic ways of talking about only the most broadest of topics then yeah I would use this app.

Not Many Key Words

A HootSuite Blog by Michael, who manages the Hootsuite's brand publishing team and the editor of the blog, suggested using Captiona in his blog titled "How To Write The Best Instagram Captions: Ideas, Tips and Strategy." Although he does say to only use this app for inspiration in writing your own original caption, I still paid for this app and was disappointed to find that many key words I searched with yielded no results. If you want ideas on creative captions, I suggest following similar brands on Instagram and read what they're writing for free instead of paying for an app that doesn't support many key word searches.

Needs more content, but good concept

This is an awesome idea, but the library of captions needs to grow at least three times more before a dollar is worth the purchase

Would be a good free app

Not many options

No captions

I tried multiple different searches but nothing came up, so then I randomly typed "cars" and only like 10 captions popped up, one being "they see me rollin'". Are you serious?? No creative and a waste of my time. I typed "innovate" and the only thing that came up was "think bigger". I heard about this app through a Hootsuite blog. I would think Hootsuite would actually look into the products they are giving a shout out for. I highly doubt anyone at Hootsuite actually uses this. Not worth my 99 cents.


I found out about this app from a blog. Bloggers know everything about Instagram so I trusted that, wouldn't you? Well I'm totally regretting it now, because the app is terrible. It sounds like it would be great. The concept is amazing. But no, there are very little key words that actually have any results show up. And the ones that do show up are either completely unrelated to the key word, or they're just incredibly obvious that anyone could've thought of. The fact that this isn't a free app pisses me off and honestly I want to write and complain to whoever made this joke of an app. Yeah, it's 99¢, but I'm a broke college student and every cent matters.


Should be a free app. They have such a small data base. I was incredibly shocked at how little captions you can actually find. Not a big fan.

More captions

Honestly, the concept is terrific. I typed so many different keywords and it keeps coming up empty. You need to expand the database and overwhelm us with choices. I'm feeling underwhelmed.


I accidentally bought this app and the captions are ok but I think the database of ideas needs to be expanded because there were topics I searched for that had no results


Works well and there are some really creative ones on here!

I can't get any captions!

No captions pop up no matter how hard I try

Now works!!

After the recent update the app now works like it should :)

Pretty useful for ideas

Some of the captions are super generic and basic, but others are really witty and clever. Depending on how many results you get for your search, you can find really good stuff.

It crashes

I can't open the app at all using iPhone 7

This app is LIT

Not sure why it has bad ratings (maybe because people don't know how to use it) but THIS IS GOLD. IVE BEEN LOOKING FOR THIS FOR SOOOOOOO LONG. THE CAPTIONS ARE SO FUNNY AND LEGIT!! 😂😂😂


No captions showing up, very smart idea but who wants to wait ?

Not a caption

There weren't any captions whenever i typed a word

The finest cesspool of cliché out there

Monday's are the worst, right?! And boy, coffee is good. So much inspiration! Be the best you that you can be! For those with an underdeveloped sense of irony, I don't think think this. But if you didn't catch that, maybe this app is your speed.

Great idea but...

Great idea but nothing is on the app :/ I was under the impression that there would already be premise captions instead of having to wait!!


This would have been a good app but I downloaded the app and there aren't any captions available whenever I type a keyword.

Crashed everytime

I can't open the app even i had to update to the last version. The app always close immediately after I open it.


such a great idea and well executed too! Great app!

Right Now

I love how this app was made, but for now, I gave it a baddie rating because it has barely any captions, but I love the idea and I hope that they make it way Better.

Type your main word and wait to load

The best app so far. I just wish users could add their own captions so we could share captions between users. Also, it would be interesting if I could have my favorites also saved by categories or main words.


Waited for captions to download, just like the reviews said, and it works perfect!!! 💖💖💖


doesnt provide ANY search results. waste if time

No Captions

Whenever I typed a word it would say that there were no results for that right now and I would wait forever and nothing would ever come up. Then when I typed a new word the same thing kept happening.


When I open the app I pass the tutorial and the app crashes and sends me back to my home screen, can someone help me? I tried to reinstall it but the same thing happens!

Awful! Doesn't work at all!

So I got this app because I am a frequent Instagram user and I am ALWAYS looking for clever captions. I downloaded this app and tested it out by searching "love". No results. Not a single quote pops up for anything. I tried multiple search results and nothing came up.


The app is great! I just wish they would have a recommended section or section where you can see words/phrases used the most.

Be patient while the captions download...

The first time you search something, you've got to give it some time for it download all the captions. Mine took about five minutes the time but now the search is instant. BE PATIENT. I'd love to see more captions added as time goes on. Maybe have a place in the app where we can add or suggest captions to be added?


Jesus Christ this is the most pretentious app I've ever seen

Amazing App

This App is literally perfect. When I first downloaded and got past the 3 tutorial screens I hurried and typed in a few basic words only to find nothing came up. I was so confused by this as the app seemed so legit but I was very annoyed it wasn't working. I came to the app store to read a few reviews to see if anyone else was experiencing the difficulties that I was. I found out a mass majority were and I was about to agree with them when I saw a few 5 star reviews which I went ahead and read. I realized that once you get past the 3 tutorial screens the screen where it asks you to search there is also some small text on the bottom that says Downloading Captions. My first time downloading this app I didn't see this and went ahead to search. If you have done this too don't worry. Reinstall the app and when you get past the tutorial screen just wait 15-30 seconds to let it finish downloading. If your impatient and just search a word this stops the download and you are left with no captions which results in a bad review. So you have to reinstall and wait a few seconds. A little tip would be to add a tutorial screen mentioning the wait and maybe a little bolder text that tells you its downloading. Other then that this app some great captions and the interface is super easy to get around and they have a ton of captions on hand, you just have to wait a bit to get them all downloaded. Great job with this. :)

Fake reviews

app doesn't work . lol.

It works.

You need to wait for the app to finish downloading the captions before you search anything. If you search before it finishes downloading you need to reinstall it again (from my experience) Aside from that it's an okay app. Helpful when you're too lazy to think of a caption. Easy interface.

The is awesome!

I didn't have to wait too long with some keywords while others take a bit. This excellent. Thank you.

I love it

Not a single problem, downloaded quick work no matter what word I tried. The first word didn't seem to work but all I did was touch my screen and the list popped up. It's not the app that's the problem, it's the users.


Bad and cringy captions

Wait for the captions to download

All the people saying nothing showed up clearly didn't wait for the caption to download. This works exactly as advertised and people need to learn patience lol.


I just downloaded this app, thought it was pretty stupid but you know whatever. I tried typing topics such as "tribe" "Coachella" "love" "coffee" and there were NO results whatsoever.

No apps

Complete Trash

Doesn't seem to work for me

I've done everything the app tells me to do and every time I type in a keyword, nothing comes up. Sounded like a great app to use but sadly, it isn't working for me.

Wait for the download to finish

I see most of the reviewers don't get any results from their searches. I can only suggest waiting for the initial download of captions to finish before trying your first search. That's what I did, and the app works fine for me. Searched beach, love, friends, etc.

Nick Slater, everyone hates you now.

This app is rather cool idea, cause I think we've all wanted to post a picture and then got stuck at the caption part for 5+ minutes cause we don't know what to put. You had the great idea of this app, but your idea was executed poorly. I searched for about 10 basic words and didn't get one result back. Didn't even get a result for "coffee" and that is what you used in your example. Either fix the app or it's junk.

No captions

You cant find any word with results. Lose of time dont download


Every time I type in a keyword the app says "zero matches found." It's a waste of time

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