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The captions are pretty lame and unoriginal. There aren't very many keywords either.


no matter what key word you put in, there are 0 results. so disappointed

Most useless app ever!

I was just scrolling through my app store and found this supposed "jem". The concept was amazing and I couldn't wait for it to download so I could try it out. Once it downloaded I typed in a word... Nothing. Then I tried another and another and another, etc.... Still nothing! I thought I was doing something wrong, come to find out, it's not working for anybody else either. Even had my sister download it on her phone to give it a try....Nada. I guess they haven't finished developing the app yet. I'll try again in a couple of months, hopefully the creators/team will have their ish together.

New and pretty simple

They're aren't a ton of caption ideas but there's still a decent amount given that this is probably a pretty new app. I think it would be good to have the option of adding your own quotes/caption ideas to an area so you could have all of them together Update: now so many completely unrelated things come up it's annoying

New fav

Love how easy it is to find a unique caption.


Found it really easy to find captions I love although some keywords are still missing captions

Thanks Captiona.

Some reviews say this is being unoriginal but you don't have to copy word for word, just use it as a starting point.


This is a really cool way to bring new life to your Instagram posts

Slam Dunk.

Worked perfectly for me and now my posts have hilarious captions!


They've nailed this app. It's easy and fun to use.

Social Weapon

This is a great app to have in your arsenal if you're a social media manager like me. Thanks

Happy Customer.

Easy to use, great options and it's free. Happy Customer!

New favorite app.

Wish i found this baby earlier! I love the caption options


Thoroughly impressed by Captiona. For most of my keywords there have been some hilarious caption options. Will definitely keep this one!


Love the design of this app and the captions are good too

Easy to use.

My friend told me about Captiona and I'm not disappointed

Love it!!

I don't usually like copying captions word for word but I've found Captiona as a good place to find inspiration

Give me more!

Very clever idea! Can't wait for more captions

Thanks, great app.

I search 'positivity' for a pick me up and there's some amazing quotes which are actually very inspirational. Nice!


So this is the app I've heard everyone talking about! Better than I expected and low-key addicted.

5 stars!

THIS IS THE BEST. I've definately had more likes since using this app and I'm reluctant to tell my friends! Haha


Found this app on Hootsuite... it's really easy to use and there's great captions!

Addicted to Captiona

Love the captions and quotes and it's just easy

Great concept!

Found some hilarious captions to match my post and it was really easy


This app is perfect! Won't regret getting it. It can keep you entertain for hours if you love to write quotes or add text to pictures :) x

Good App. Five stars!

I Absolutely Love This. This application is very useful, when I have a announce on Instagram I can use this. Thanks a lot!

Fun stuff

I love this app. Whether it's an original quote or one from someone else I can make it look just the way I want and for how I'm feeling.

Great App

I love this app it helps to my mind to explore and create !!! Just a little advice, have more fonts on the free preview available ! Thanks

Works great!

I use this app primarily to watermark my photos and provide information on the subject. I use it every day. It's exactly what I needed.


I love this app!! It's so great! I use it like everyday, it's really cool that you can you can like design your own quote!! Get it!!!!!!!!!


I love this app and have used it for several months to make my own quotes for Instagram and Facebook. It sparks my creativity and is so much fun!

Best quote app

I never do any review, but this is worthy because it has been the best app I have found in the app store for making your own quotes...

Just what I needed

I really like being able to label my pics and add comments. Some people even ask me how I do it. I just point them to this program.

Best app ever

This is the best app ever because it lets you write and say things and create what you write I love it and my rate is definitely 5 stars

Easy & intuitive

This has become my go-to app for image quotes. It's easy to use and there are enough options to make it truly useful. I recommend it.

Simple & makes pretty captions

Super easy to use, pretty everything, and in my honest opinion it's an essential app if you use Instagram alot! Good job

Great App

I use this app a lot! Sure, any app can be improved as none are perfect but for what I need it to do, it works great! Thank you for this app!

Love this app

The title says it all. It inspires me to pick out the scripture that spoke to me each day and capture it to share with everyone. Love it.

Easy, Fun and Effective

Decent fonts, plenty of images, and other options. I use this daily for social media and get great responses. Highly recommend.

Great ad app for small biz

It's simple and easy to create an ad for my maternity concierge business. I wish there were a few more fonts and backgrounds.

Text on pics! A dream come true!

Love this app! Pics get better responses in social media w/ text! Engages audience and makes the pic more entertaining.

Great app. Love this!

I really love this app. I can write what I'm thinking and it puts it in writing in options for you to choose what you want to say!

Great App

I really like this App. It really has added that little extra something to my photos. All my friends now love my pictures and added commentary.


I think it's great if you want to make your own quote. You can choose a background and color. Then you can type a quote and post it anywhere!!!!!

This App is awesome!

Show some love people this is an awesome App!

Great idea

I like the idea of this app. I would like to see more captions added seems pretty limited at the moment. It would be cool to have a home where captions are upvoted or trending or people could submit their own captions. The first time I downloaded it nothing would pop up when I searched but I downloaded it again and I’m having no issues.

Love it!

So helpful and easy to use! Yay yay yay! Stoked to post some instagrams


The captions are about as boring and plain as they get. Not to mention most are raunchy. Such a waste of a $1. I would’ve given zero stars if possible.

A total rip-off

I typed in hands-on learning, learning, making stuff, make, African, masks... got zero results. Typed in “Education,” good about 20 famous quotes you can find in an instant on Google.

Next to nothing

If I wanted to find 10 basic ways of talking about only the most broadest of topics then yeah I would use this app.

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